Junior League

Please contact the League Office if you have any registration issues: 306.374.5155

Junior League (Girls U12, U14, U16) Registration Links

  1. Zone 1 - Hustlers
  2. Zone 2 - Raiders
  3. Zone 3 - Lasers
  4. Zone 4 - Phantoms

Junior Selects (Boys U12, U14, U16) Registration

Junior Selects Registration

Junior Selects 2017 Schedules

  1. Select U12 Boys
  2. Select U14 Boys

Information Packages

  1. Coaches and Managers
  2. Information Package

 2019 League Schedules

  1. U12 A Girls
  2. U12 B Girls Green
  3. U12 B Girls Red
  4. U12 B Girls Black
  5. U14 A Girls
  6. U14 B Girls White
  7. U14 B Girls Black
  8. U16 A Girls
  9. U16 B Girls
  10. Standings. Please note only the original game sheets counts and that is all that is in the standings and this is unofficial standings for the week of May 31. The executive will go thought each division to correct all my mistake.
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