COVID-19 Update June 4, 2020

COVID-19 Update June 4, 2020

4 June 2020 Barb Corney

(COVID-19) Update - May 22nd, 2020

On behalf of Softball Saskatchewan and our Board of Directors, I would like to advise the membership that we are once again suspending all sanctioned activities until Sunday June 7th, 2020. As you may be aware the Government of Saskatchewan has announced that phase 3 of the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan will begin on Monday June 8th. We will provide the membership with another update in early June in case of any changes or updates from the Provincial Government. Please note that as per the Governments Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan our sport would be classified as a Phase Four activity. Currently Large public and private gatherings – indoors and outdoors – are prohibited. Gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people (excluding family members living in the same household). As of June 8th, it is anticipated the size of public gatherings will be changed however Physical distancing measures and other restrictions remain in place. It is also important to note that municipal regulations must be followed.

Following is an updated list of Q & A for our members.

Will there be a Softball Season in 2020 (Affiliation Deadline)?

We are very optimistic that there will be a softball season this year. We have moved the Affiliation deadline date to July 1st. It is important to note that there have been many changes to our insurance policy that affects all amateur sport in Saskatchewan. Our Insurance Policy provides no coverage for any Claim in any way caused by, arising out of, or resulting from any disease or contagion (COVID-19). Our insurance provider has also advised that we must now use waiver forms for all participants (players, coaches, and umpires) in our sport. It is very important that we and our Associations/Leagues take every measure possible to educate the membership on best practices and Risk Management measures. To assist with this, we will be holding Membership Town Hall Meetings (via Zoom Teleconferencing) in early June to further educate our members on our insurance policy and the use of waivers. These Membership Town Hall Meetings will be held as follows.

For Associations/Leagues in District 1, 2, 3 4 Monday June 1st at 7:30pm via Zoom.

For Associations/Leagues in District 5, 6, 7, 8 Tuesday June 2nd at 7:30pm via Zoom

We would like to have only one (1) person from each Association/League participate in the meetings. To register for the meetings please email by May 28th and indicate which Association you are with.

Our Softball Saskatchewan Return to Play (RTP) Committee is working hard on completion of our (RTP) document and we hope to have it completed in time for the membership meetings in June.


Will 2020 Provincial Championships be held?

At this time, we are very optimistic that we will be holding Provincial Championships in August rather than in July. We still have some work to do with our various Host organizations to confirm 

specific dates for each category of Provincials. We also anticipate less teams entering Provincials, so we are reviewing the structure of our championships and will be flexible on rules around Provincial Championships. For specific requests regarding concessions to existing rules please contact the softball office. The new Provincial Championship Registration Deadline is July 15th, 2020. The entry form on our web site will be updated shortly. Again, please note, the structure and format of Provincials is still to be determined and will be published once we have completed.


Please note the Board has approved changes to our Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Grant for Hosting Provincial Championships. Host organizations will now be eligible for up to $300/team that participates and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be an eligible expense for the grant.


What is the status of the 2020 Canadian Championships?

Softball Canada has cancelled all Fastpitch and Slo-Pitch Canadian Championships in 2020.


What is the status of the 2020 Western Canadian Championships?

As previously indicated all Western Canadian Softball Championships have been cancelled for 2020. This organization is working on 2021 championships to hopefully retain the same host locations as we had in 2020.


What is the status of the 2020 Saskatchewan Summer Games?

The 2020 Saskatchewan Summer Games in Lloydminster have been postponed until 2021. The Games are now scheduled to be held from July 18th – 24th. For our sport we are in the 2nd half so the softball competition will be from July 21st – 24th. The Softball Saskatchewan Board of Directors have approved us staying with same age of athletes for the 2021 games, that being players born in 2006 & 2007. We appreciate this will involve two age groups but given the new dates for the Games we do not anticipate any conflicts with 2021 Provincial, Western or Canadian Championships. For the 2021 games we will utilize the U16 age group rules.


What is the status of Softball Saskatchewan Programs and Services?

We currently have no plans for any athlete, coach, and umpire clinics. We will provide the members an update on umpire clinics in early June. We are still working with Softball Canada regarding our ability to provide online NCCP Coaching Clinics. They are working on this but have indicated the process and approvals of clinic content takes time. Once we have more information on this we will advise. Further, we will be providing additional information regarding our MAP Grants that may be available to our membership in the coming months.

We will continue to evaluate and monitor the impact of COVID-19 and will provide a further update to the membership later in early June.

STAY SAFE and PLEASE continue to adhere to the directions provided by our Provincial Health Officer and our Municipal, Provincial, and Federal governments. Take care all.

Guy Jacobson

Executive Director